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I will help you get rid of your phobia in two easy sessions or the third session is on me.


When helping people with their phobias it is first important to differentiate between a normal fear and a phobia. In short, a fear is an appropriate response to something threatening or uncomfortable. Whereas a phobia is an over the top response to the same thing, in the majority of cases just the thought of whatever is your phobia can set off your fear response. The important part to remember is this, it is generally accepted that we are only born with two fears, a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises all the rest are learnt. What is learnt in a moment only needs a moment to unlearn.

For example if a venomous snake suddenly appears in your living room, (I live in the country so doesn’t happen often but it does happen) the getting up out of the chair in a rush with a certain amount of adrenaline pumping through your veins is an approprite fear response. However if you are in the same situation and a snake appears on the television, then jumping up out of your chair screaming and running into another room is a bit over the top, this is a phobic response.

If a plane suddenly hits turbulence then a certain amount of trepidation or an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach is a reasonable fear response. Not going to your best friends wedding because it involves flying to the reception is more of a phobic response.

A fear of heights is another common phobia, some people have been known not to take the job of their dreams because they would be working on the top floor of a high rise building.

If you live with a phobia you have a number of options available.

  • You could continue to live with it in the belief that nothing can be done.
  • You could go and talk to someone about it and uncover when you became phobic. This doesn’t always help you get over it.
  • You could re-expose yourself to the subject of your phobia and gradually get used to it, a bit of an expensive option if you have a fear of flying.
  • Or you could learn to laugh at the very thing that made you feel so bad.

Voytex Phobia Solutions unique brain training techniques will have you laughing at the subject of your phobias by the end of the sessions.

Why go through life living with that constant anxiety of the possibility of there being a spider in the cupboard or dreading going to the airport even if it is to pick your Mother up, after her overseas holiday, the one you can’t take because of your fear of flying.

Some people suffer from multiple phobias, the above guarantee applies to only one phobia you nominate, However, you will be amazed how much can be achieved in two sessions.

My name is Wojt Kowaluk I am a Life Coach based in Southern Tasmania in the beautiful Huon Valley, just 40 km south of Hobart. The phobia bust sessions can be conducted in person at Glen Huon or I am happy to come to you. The process is a simple one, we work on getting rid of your phobia in the first session and then you are encouraged to test the bust. During the second session, we clean up any lingering anxieties that may still be present. In the case of some more complex phobias, if a third session is required then that one is for free.

For anyone living further afield, I can conduct our sessions via Skype or FaceTime or in some cases by phone.


See below as my teacher Richard Bandler shows how it is done.