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Chronic pain is a major problem in Australia, The USA and many other parts of the world with the medical profession struggling for answers.

  • Are you are a long-term sufferer of chronic pain who has tried everything from traditional health care to alternative methods?
  • Are you resigned to the ineffectiveness of traditional pain management? How many times have you heard the same diagnosis couched in a different language by a different practitioner?
  • Are you resigned to the myth that there is no way to end your pain?

Voytex Pain Solutions offers a unique range of Mind-Body Coaching programs specialising in getting rid of your Chronic Pain. These include the flagship, Retrain your Brain against Pain, Levels One and Two. In addition, I offer the Retrain your Brain for Life and Retrain your Brain – Phobia Bust programs. All of them share the same unique Brain Training technology, which harnesses the brains natural neuro-plasticity.

Wojt Mindbody Coach
Wojt-Mindbody Coach – Reducing the stuff that causes chronic pain

My free report Retrain your Brain against Pain will help you understand why these methods have failed and provide you with the knowledge to set you free of chronic pain now. Knowledge is power, gaining a new understanding of pain and its true causes is the first step in Retraining your Brain against Pain.

 What does a Mind Body Coaching do and how does it help with Chronic Pain?

My name is Wojt (pronounced as Voyt) I have developed a program that harnesses the brain’s own plasticity in order to retrain your brain against pain. In a recent post titled TMS means Too Much Stuff I outlined the underlying cause of chronic pain was simply Too Much Stuff. My “Retrain your Brain Against Pain” coaching program works simply to reduce the amount of stuff going on in your life, in order to relieve the overwhelm that is causing your pain.

Through a series of spoken sessions, either in person, by phone or over the internet, we identify the aspects of your life that have a connection to your pain and break them. These program has been designed to help you rewrite your life so that your “stuff” and the pain it caused are things of the past. After completing one of my programs, you will view your life in a whole new way, with a renewed zest for life.


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100% Money Back 30 day Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with your Voytex program we will refund any payments made to you in full. To qualify for this guarantee you must have paid in advance for the complete 15 session program Retrain your Brain against Pain -Level Two and have completed a minimum of 5 sessions with 30 days of commencement.

The information contained on this website is not a substitute for professional advice from a suitably qualified medical professional such as a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Psychologist. The information covered on this website and expressed during sessions are intended to be general information with respect to common life issues. How you choose to use or not use this information is up to you and you agree that you are 100% responsible for the outcomes of your choices. We do not support courses of action that may be harmful to your physical or mental well being. In no event shall your Coach be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from the use of the material. We wish you every success with your Coaching program and taking the actions necessary to make the changes you want in your life.